About Us

Diani's Founder
My name is Cory Holmes, I’m the Founder of Diani Beauty. I'm from Saint Louis, Mo. and I’m a serial entrepreneur. As a kid, I used to always go with my mother to the beauty/barber shop to get my hair cut and for her to get her curls done and have always been fascinated by the beauty/ hair industry. Every business that I’ve started has had some sort of hair products. But I wanted to create something that was going to support and empower our community on a larger scale. 
People of color are buying billions of dollars of hair products every single year for the past 50 years and for the most part, we have not been the ones who have sold those products. I hope to motivate aspiring business owners to enter this industry and help circulate the dollar back in our own community.
We know how much our customers rely on our quality hair and other products. So we're obsessive about customer service and our commitment to quality will ensure you experience high quality products and support each and every time.